Espace accueil Office de Tourisme d'Orléans © Orléans Métropole Espace accueil Office de Tourisme d'Orléans © Orléans Métropole
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Our hospitality commitments

The commitments required for the Category III rating and those of the ‘Qualité Accueil Tourisme 2020’ Charter.

Commitments for the category III rating

Orléans Val de Loire Tourisme is committed to:

  • Making its welcome and information centre accessible to everyone;
  • Assisting you with your plans;
  • Providing a place for visitors to sit;
  • Giving out free information on local tourist products, services and amenities;
  • Displaying and distributing opening periods in at least one foreign language;
  • Being open 120 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays in tourist season and during special events;
  • Answering your letters all year round;
  • Providing a permanent service with staff speaking at least one foreign language;
  • Supplying tourist maps, plans and guides in print form;
  • Providing access to its bilingual website;
  • Distributing its tourist information in print form (always translated into at least one foreign language) on:

– All listed tourist accommodation including at least the name of the establishment and its postal address, email address, web URL, telephone numbers and rating;

– Cultural, natural and leisure tourist sites and monuments including an indication of prices, periods and times open to the public, web URL, telephone numbers and postal address;

– Activities and events;

           – Emergency telephone numbers.

  • Updating tourist information on an annual basis;
  • Displaying emergency telephone numbers outside the building;
  • Handling any complaints and measuring visitor satisfaction;
  • Providing a travel consultant;
  • Guaranteeing the reliability and accuracy of local tourist information;
  • Updating information on tourist products and services in its general area.
Office de Tourisme d'Orléans © Orléans Métropole

The comitments of the qualité accueil partenaire tourisme 2020 charter

  1. To give our visitors friendly and courteous service.
  2. To provide tourists with a clean and comfortable place and environment (hotels, restaurant, shops, etc.).
  3. To satisfy visitors’ requests and provide an efficient personal service.
  4. To offer, display and observe business hours in line with our tourist activity.
  5. To supply information on potential tourist destinations (sites, activities, restaurants, shops, etc.) in Orleans.
  6. To pay special attention to international clientele (basic foreign language skills, or supplying translations of our own materials: menus, posters, prices, etc.).
  7. To inform visitors about where the Tourist Information Office, parking options and public toilets are located.
  8. To collect, follow up and manage complaints in the interest of making improvements.

Health information COVID-19

As part of the measures taken to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Orléans Val de Loire Tourisme team is doing everything possible to welcome you and accompany you during your stay, in accordance with the health protocol defined by our National Federation and validated by the State: wearing a mask is compulsory, barrier gestures are displayed, hydro-alcoholic gel is available, the reception area is laid out and arranged to allow social distancing, instructions are displayed in French, English, Italian and Chinese…

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