Où manger du fromage fondu à Orléans Où manger du fromage fondu à Orléans
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Melt cheese in Orleans

Have your friends been taking it easy in the mountains and taunting you for the last few days? Don’t panic, join the melted cheese team! We’ve tracked down the coolest restaurants in Orléans to enjoy raclettes and fondues. It’s heaven on earth, no fuss, just good times and good cheese!

Raclette © O Délices des Cimes à Orléans

O Délices des Cimes

Move the mountains!

Is it getting a bit chilly out and you’ve got an irresistible craving for melted cheese? No need to head for the mountains, just stay in Orleans!

Raclette à la meule, tartiflette, Savoyard fondue or Mont d’Or… O Délices des Cimes moves the mountains for you! A new address, a rich and varied menu and a feeling of really enjoying the winter holidays…

Practical information:
44 rue de la Charpenterie
02 38 53 30 24

Le P’tit Gavroche

Where the cheese is!

Is it possible to have a Parisian-style bistro that delights cheese lovers? Yes, at Le P’tit Gavroche!

Bourguignonne Royal, Savoyarde Classique, Boîte Chaude (Mont d’or AOC)… You don’t have to go to the mountains to believe it!

And what about a Loire wine to accompany these fine dishes from our beloved faraway lands?

Practical information:
145 rue de Bourgogne
02 38 77 17 90

Fondue au fromage © Le P'tit Gavroche à Orléans
Fondue au fromage © Heureux comme Alexandre à Orléans

Heureux comme Alexandre

Savoie is here!

What could be more comforting than a fondue or a pierrade on a weekday evening? At Heureux comme Alexandre, we’ve got you covered!

Burgundian or Savoyard, there’s no need to be jealous… but for cheese lovers, there’s a crucial choice to be made: plain, porcini or morel? Or try Alex’s fondue, a surprise from the chef!

We’re not going to lie to you, you’ll also fall for the chocolate fondue for dessert…

Practical information:
52 Rue Sainte Catherine
02 38 53 42 64

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