Visiter le château de Chambord Visiter le château de Chambord
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Visit the Châteaux in Loire and Loiret

Orleans, your gateway to the châteaux in Loire and Loiret!

The châteaux in Loire, just moments from Orleans

Here for a weekend, short getaway or leisurely holiday, you’ll surely want to visit the many châteaux that made a name for Orléanais!

Château de Chambord, Loire’s quintessential castle, the royal Château de Blois or more humble estates such as Meung-sur-Loire and La Ferté Saint-Aubin

There are so many beautiful sites and monuments to discover! Go take a tour of the classic châteaux in Loire and Loiret, testaments to the Centre Val-de-Loire region‘s illustrious past…


Classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981 and a symbol of the French Renaissance known throughout the world, Chambord is the largest enclosed estate in Europe, set within 5,440 hectares of forest and located less than an hour from Orleans.

Visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities in the park!

Experience 500 years of history at this majestic building set on superb grounds.


A royal château in Blois! A favourite residence among the kings of France during the Renaissance, the royal Château de Blois affords a sweeping panorama of the architecture and history of the châteaux in Loire.

Visitors can enjoy a 45-minute show featuring special sound effects and lights and images projected on the grand architecture of the courtyard.


A powerful medieval fortress that was transformed into a royal residence during the reigns of French kings Charles VIII and Francis I.

Enjoy a pleasant walk along the promenade that extends into the beautiful panoramic gardens with views across the Loire


This beautiful pink-brick property was home to Leonardo da Vinci during the last three years of his life.

From the artist’s studios (reconstructed) to his bedchamber and kitchen, visitors are treated to an intimate glimpse into the life of this legendary genius. His ingenious models are also on display. Canvases and larger-than-life machines, audio terminals and a fun interactive trail through the extensive gardens round off a fascinating tour of discovery of the visionary artist and his amazing inventions.


The first château to be opened to the public in 1922, you will be enchanted by the splendour and luxury of château life, from the botanical garden, exquisite interior décor and kennels to the 3D museum about the ‘Secrets of Moulinsart’, the grounds and the forested park.


Affording one of the most breathtaking views of the royal river, the 32-hectare estate encompasses the château (royal residence), stables, grounds and international garden festival.

An art and nature centre, the estate invites renowned artists and photographers to exhibit.

Domaine Royal de Château Gaillard

It is a 15-hectare green setting in the heart of Amboise. It is the forgotten paradise of the Renaissance in Touraine.

It was Charles VIII who, in 1496 and after his first campaign in Italy, decided to recreate “the earthly paradise” at Château Gaillard.

He convinced 22 Italian artists, including Dom Pacello de Mercoliano, the most famous gardener in Europe, to return with him.

They founded the French Renaissance here and established a Palazotto and the Jardins du Roy, the orange trees in France and the first royal orangery, the Queen Claude plum and the orange tree boxes.

Châteaux in Loiret, must-see palaces and castles


One of the oldest and biggest châteaux in Loiret, the castle was owned by the bishops of Orleans until the French Revolution.

It is also known as ‘the castle with two faces’ owing to its mixture of medieval and classical façades.

Just outside Orleans, the château features 20 furnished rooms, from the kitchen to the 18th century bathroom, and over 2,000 objects displayed in situ.


A stunning 17th century mansion, the château is flanked by two stable buildings all set on an estate surrounded by moats.

During your self-guided tour, explore the 15 furnished rooms in the château and the historic grounds and don’t forget to sample the castle cook’s madeleines!


This castle was originally built as a fortress to protect the bridge over the Loire and then also a palatial seigneurial residence where sumptuous feasts were once hosted.

Next to the main castle is a small house built several decades later, today known as the Petit Château.


This palace houses one of the few French museums devoted to the subject of perfumery!

The museum explores the development of personal hygiene and the use of perfume through the ages.

Also worth a visit are the chapel and Renaissance garden.

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