Hôtel des Créneaux à Orléans, Renaissance à Orléans Hôtel des Créneaux à Orléans, Renaissance à Orléans
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Orleans and the Renaissance

Experience Renaissance life in Orleans!

The Renaissance in Orleans

In the heart of the Loire Valley

An intellectual movement started in Italy in the Quattrocento (15th century), the Renaissance spread far and wide, arriving in France, and the Loire Valley more specifically, in the early 16th century.

Visiter Orléans et voir l'Hôtel des Créneaux monument Renaissance à Orléans

Orleans, a Renaissance city

A former royal city, Orleans was at that time a vibrant and prosperous place owing to its position on the Loire and close proximity to Paris.

It had a well-respected university attended by eminent intellectuals including Erasmus, Guillaume Budé, Rabelais, La Boétie, Théodore de Bèze and Calvin.

The city experienced a sweeping artistic revival, inspired by the Italian art of living that Francis I and others introduced.

Religious buildings were constructed, streets widened, and the wealthy middle classes commissioned large estates. Today, we can still admire their elegant architecture and refined, Italianate decoration, sculpted medallions and busts, as well as half-timbered façades combining stone and brickwork.

Hôtel Groslot, Hôtel Cabu, Hôtel des Créneaux, Maison de la Coquille, half-timbered houses… Orleans has a remarkable collection of original Renaissance monuments and buildings.

Voir les monuments Renaissance d'Orléans : Hôtel des Créneaux

A radiant era

Following the Hundred Years’ War, Orleans expanded with the construction of its last city wall and became a vast construction site!

The University of Orleans was at the height of its influence and the architectural decoration gradually adopted Italianate motifs. Many 15th-16th century houses had timber-framed facades with Renaissance-style decoration.

In the 1540s and 50s, nobles and middle-class people built stone or brick houses decorated with classical motifs!

Visite de l'hôtel Groslot de style Renaissance à Orléans
Monuments Renaissance à Orléans

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Book a guided tour of Orleans and admire the exquisite architecture of the most distinguished Renaissance buildings in the city.

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