Collection street-art Destination Orléans Val de Loire by MifaMosa Collection street-art Destination Orléans Val de Loire by MifaMosa
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The MifaMosa street-art collection

For the first time, discover the collaboration between Destination Orléans Val de Loire Tourisme and MifaMosa, the Orléans-based street artist, famous for his mosaics illustrating street names.

“The Loire as horizon, the street as expression, art as connection”.

Urban art

A way of expressing yourself and bringing public spaces to life

In the city of Orleans, talented street artist MifaMosa is emerging and making a name for himself with his unique style and offbeat humour.

We invite you to delve into the fascinating world of MifaMosa, a local street artist who is transforming the streets of Orleans into an open-air art gallery. MifaMosa embodies the very essence of urban art and its impact on the people of Orleans. His colourful creations transform the streets of Orleans into an arena for artistic expression.


Rue de la Main qui File illustrée par Mifamosa Orléans Val de Loire

A street artist from Orleans


His reputation extends far beyond Orleans Métropole, with his work being seen in Lyon, Montpellier, Lille, Tours, Saint-Malo and Avignon. Six years after the creation of his first mosaic, on rue des Africains, he can be found in no fewer than 32 towns and cities, with 374 street illustrations.

The creations of street artist MifaMosa stand out for their unique combination of mosaic and offbeat, sensitive humour, which many Orleans residents appreciate and which appeals to visitors.

MifaMosa’s art stands out for its sensitivity, provoking thought in visitors and creating surprise, while avoiding any form of shock.


Emblematic creations

on every street corner

It is in Orleans that MifaMosa has always expressed the best of its art, with no fewer than 102 street signs illustrated in Orleans Metropole.

They can be found in Saint-Pryvé-Saint-Mesmin, Saint-Jean-le-Blanc and Saint-Jean-de-Braye, as well as in other towns in the Orleans metropolitan area.


Rue Jeanne d'Arc illustrée par MifaMosa Orléans Val de Loire Tourisme
Collection capsule Destination Val de Loire X Mifamosa

A capsule range of street art

Destination orleans val de loire x mifamosa

Discover the captivating artistic world of MifaMosa in this exclusive, limited edition capsule collection. This fusion of street art and Orleans Val de Loire is sure to win over both urban art fans and lovers of this emblematic region.

This new range of products is an interpretation of 4 emblematic streets in the city of Orleans :

  • Royal Street
  • Jeanne d’Arc Street
  • Dancing Goat Street
  • Burgundy Street

Mugs, magnets, postcards, T-shirts, sweatshirts and tote-bags are on sale exclusively on our website and at the tourist office.

This collection is aimed at anyone who loves Orléans, loves street art and wants to be one of the destination’s privileged ambassadors.


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