Visiter la cathédrale Sainte-Croix d'Orléans Visiter la cathédrale Sainte-Croix d'Orléans
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The top of the must-see sites

Visiting Orleans means seeing the must-see places. Discover the city’s exceptional sites.

The sites around Orleans not to miss

Orleans boasts a rich historical, cultural and architectural heritage that is impossible to miss wherever you are in the city. Set on the banks of the Loire River, the city falls within the area of the Loire Valley classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The creamy white, Loire stone buildings and monuments lend the centre the luminous glow of a perfectly preserved site.

Here is a list of the most iconic and remarkable places, sites and monuments around the region’s capital which you can visit and admire time and time again… Just a few ideas of ways to spend a weekend in Orleans!

Visiter la cathédrale d'Orléans
nef de la cathédrale Sainte-Croix d'Orléans

Sainte-Croix Cathedral

A visit to Orleans isn’t complete without making time in your schedule to admire Sainte-Croix Cathedral!

A grand old dame standing 114 metres tall, Orleans Cathedral has a unique charm and 10 stained-glass windows recounting the life of Joan of Arc that captivate visitors.

The building was completed over a 600-year period, which explains why it is in of both Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles.

Book the ‘Orleans top to bottom’ guided tour (in Spring and Summer), climb all of the Cathedral’s 252 steps and be rewarded with the best views of the city. Orleans at its most breathtaking!

Hôtel Groslot

Surely one of the most visited monuments in Orleans and a must-see during your weekend in Orleans. The sumptuous décor of this Renaissance gem in Orleans will enchant you!

Recognisable by its magnificent red-brick façade, the mansion was originally the no-expense-spared residence of Jacques Groslot, bailiff of Orleans from 1521 to 1545. The former town hall has welcomed a host of historical figures, including Charles IX, Henry IV, Mary, Queen of Scots and Catherine de’ Medici. This visit includes sumptuous salons and gilded panelling, punctuated by the memory of Joan of Arc and reminds visitors of the important role Orleans has played in the history of France.

Follow a guide! Book the ‘Discover Orleans Tour’ and visit the city’s essential landmarks!

Orleans old town

In the Bourgogne quarter, Orleans’ old town with its exquisite half-timbered façades and Renaissance buildings is one of the city’s highlights. An ideal spot to potter about for a while as you wander the maze of streets of this former merchants’ district.

Need a guide? Book the ‘Discover Orleans Tour’ and get to know the historic centre!

Statue de Jeanne d'Arc Hôtel Groslot à Orléans
Statue de Jeanne d'Arc Place du Martroi à Orléans

Monuments linked to Joan of Arc

The young woman who liberated Orleans in May 1429 and is celebrated every May with her own festival… Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, is everywhere in this city!

Find the many representations of the city’s famous liberator and step back in time during a visit to the Maison de Jeanne d’Arc, where she stayed in April and May 1429.

The 19th-century equestrian statue on Place de Martroi and the works housed in the Fine Arts Museum, all depicting the national heroine, are also worth a detour.

Frac Centre-Val de Loire

A different era, a different style…

A leap into the 21st century awaits you at the FRAC, the regional contemporary art collection of Centre-Val de Loire.

The military subsistence buildings have been brought into the modern era thanks to the Turbulences, three glass and steel ‘excrescences’ that lend a vibrant, interactive look and feel to the structure.

Visiter le Frac Centre-Val de Loire
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