Hôtel Groslot en hiver Hôtel Groslot en hiver
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What to do for the winter holidays in Orleans?

Dive into the heart of winter in Orléans and the surrounding area, where the cold is no match for the diversity of activities awaiting you! Get ready for an Orléans-style winter getaway, with a varied menu of activities to suit all tastes.

Orleans during the winter holidays

A magical escape beyond the clichés

Forget the clichés of mountain holidays! In Orleans, we promise you a thrill that has nothing to do with the temperature outside. Leave your skis behind and embark on an adventure where even the cold is fun.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day, Orleans has more tricks up its sleeve than any stunt skier. From strolls along the Loire to cycling tours worthy of a winter Tour de France, our destination defies the laws of boredom. Reinvent your winter holidays in style by exploring the region’s hidden gems. Whether with family or friends, memories are the order of the day here.

A winter feast

In Orleans restaurants

So your friends are taking it easy in the mountains and you’re moping around town? Don’t panic, the solution is easier than a ski descent: join the melted cheese team!

We’ve done all the hard work for you, tracking down the coolest restaurants in Orléans where cheese flows freely. Just imagine, it’s like a party in your mouth, but without the skis and snowmen.

No fuss here, just good times and good cheese that melts your worries away. Hop into your comfiest boots, and come and enjoy.


Fondue au fromage © Le P'tit Gavroche à Orléans
Conférence : Les moines et la bière, une vocation

Savour the terroir of Loire Valley beer

Conference: Monks and beer, a vocation

If you’re a lover of beer and a taste adventure in the Loire Valley, come and join us for a unique experience! Immerse yourself in the captivating history of beer and its production process in our beautiful region. Accompanied by an expert brewing guide, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in three tastings*, revealing the diversity and quality of local brewing products.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a memorable sensory adventure in the heart of the Loire Valley.

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

Make your own chocolates

Alex Olivier Chocolate Factory

Explore the world of the Alex Olivier chocolate factory with our gourmet workshops! Become the master chocolatier of your own creation by making toy-shaped lollipops or colourful carnival masks. An experience as delicious as it is entertaining, accessible to young and old alike.

Take part in a tea or coffee tasting workshop

Coffees Joan of Arc

Explore the ultimate gourmet experience in Orléans by taking part in coffee and tea workshops at Coffee Joan of Arc. Immerse yourself in the subtle art of tasting, where each cup tells a captivating story, transporting you to a world of exquisite flavours.

A horse-drawn carriage ride in Orleans

Family activities

Explore the historic heart of Orleans on board a horse-drawn carriage, where the magic happens with every step. An enchanting ride that will appeal to young and old alike! This is the perfect activity to enjoy with the whole family during your winter holidays in Orleans.

Let Orleans be your guide

The city from below

Travel back in time and explore the history buried beneath your feet by visiting two 11th-century Romanesque crypts, hidden from view. Immerse yourself in the mysteries of these historic remains and let yourself be captivated by an unparalleled journey through time.

A tour of discovery around old Orleans

Accompanied by your guide, wander through the picturesque streets of Orleans historic centre and immerse yourself in the captivating history of its architectural gems, such as the majestic Sainte-Croix Cathedral and the emblematic Hôtel Groslot. Explore these sites steeped in history for an enriching experience at the heart of Orléans’ heritage.

Street art in Orleans

Orleans is a haven for artists from all eras, and has also charmed urban designers who transform walls into veritable works of art! Discover this colourful world, which you can see without looking, and which offers a unique perspective on urban creativity.

Old town, old streets

Immerse yourself in the fascinating origins of the streets in our historic centre on this captivating tour. Explore the evocative names that reveal the history of each street. An enriching experience that concludes with a well-deserved coffee break!

Le street-art à Orléans ©Lezbroz
Vacances de février à Orléans et autour : Meurtre au château de La Ferté Saint Aubin

Experience adventure with fascinating Escape Games

Castle of La Ferté Saint-Aubin

Get ready to uncover the well-kept secrets of the Castle of la Ferté Saint-Aubin in these thrilling escape games. Working as a team, you’ll play detective in authentic settings, while unravelling enigmas. Three scenarios await you: the Mystery Room, the Housekeeper’s Room and the Cellars.

So get ready to outsmart history itself, and enjoy a unique experience in the Loire Valley and Sologne!

Chasse au TrésOrléans

Ready to explore Orléans’ heritage while playing Sherlock? Join us for some outdoor treasure hunts that are sure to spark your imagination!

We’ve got captivating investigations and an outdoor escape game for you. The Chasse au TrésOrléans will take you through the city, taking in some typical places and must-see monuments.

So book your place and get ready to discover the city in a whole new light!

The Loiret castles come to life for you

Meung-sur-Loire Castle

Discover the children’s activity “At the heart of chivalry” at Meung-sur-Loire castle during the winter holidays. Transform yourself into fearless knights ready to take on dragons under the expert guidance of the master of arms. An epic experience where young heroes forge their knightly destiny with courage and fun.

Sully-sur-Loire Castle

Immerse yourself in the magic of the winter holidays at the Sully-sur-Loire Castle! Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of fun games or a die-hard Harry Potter fan, the programme of events will captivate every visitor.

Chamerolles Castle

Explore the Chamerolles Castle and its sumptuous gardens, immerse yourself in the intoxicating world of the perfume trail, and take part in one of our fun activities. An enchanting day awaits you, combining history, nature and entertainment in the heart of this exceptional site.

Château de Chamerolles ©Lezbroz
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