Festival de Loire à Orléans Festival de Loire à Orléans
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The Loire Festival

The Festival de Loire, Europe’s largest gathering of river mariners, will be held for the eleventh time from 20 to 24 September 2023 in Orleans.

The Loire Festival 2023

Discover the teaser of the largest festival dedicated to the navy

See you on the quays of the Loire in Orleans from 20 to 24 September 2023!

Vue d'ensemble sur le Festival de Loire 2019 à Orléans

A not-to-be-missed event in Orleans, the Festival de Loire takes you away for five days of festivities and celebration of both the greatness of the river navy and the exceptional heritage of the Loire.

Held every two years in September in the old port of Orleans, the Loire Festival brings together hundreds of thousands of visitors, more than 200 boats, 700 sailors and 500 artists to guarantee unforgettable festive moments!

The 11th edition of the Loire Festival will be held from 20 to 24 September 2023. As usual, it invites you to discover the traditional navy and its boats. In 2023, the St. Lawrence river, the famous Canadian river, and the sailors of the Basque Country will be in the spotlight.

Sandpits, barrels, tows and fishing boats are honoured and put on display in nautical demonstrations, boat trains, regattas, jousts and rowing races, dedicated shows and large evening events.

The sailors and bargemen take centre stage for a week to present the culture of inland navigation and the traditions of the royal river. River trips, regattas and nautical activities complete the programme on the water.

You can also take advantage of this event to discover the heritage of the Loire Valley and the Loiret ! Craft skills at the Salon de Loire, local and Loire specialities at the Village de Loire and guinguettes on the quays of the Loire are to be added to your list of things to do !

Bateaux sur les quais de Loire pendant le Festival de Loire à Orléans
Festival de Loire et ses animations

Thanks to the many educational and fun activities set up especially for young people, the Loire Festival can be enjoyed by the whole family on the river. A stroll through the historic city centre, from Sainte-Croix Cathedral to the quays of the Loire, is also the perfect opportunity to discover Orleans in a different light !

With friends ? Have a drink by the water and enjoy a Loire menu in one of the many guinguettes on the Festival site !

In the evening, take a stroll along the quays of the Loire, be surprised by the shows and fireworks and watch the illuminations on the bridges and islands of the Loire, which make the Loire Festival a highlight of the year.

The Loire Festival 2021 in Orleans


To mark this tenth edition, all the countries invited to the Loire Festival since 2007 have returned to the banks of the Loire with their boats to help you discover or rediscover this exceptional living heritage during the five days of the festival.

The Loire Festival 2021


Programme 2021


  • Wednesday 22 September: the Orleans Symphony Orchestra presented works evoking rivers and the performance of
    “Impressions de Loire” by Thibaut Vuillermet with a large screen projection.
  • Thursday 23 September: a musical evening showcasing talent from the Loire in partnership with the Astrolabe.
  • Friday 24 September: staging of the Loire and its boats. A beautiful story in sound and light, a fine tribute to the Loire… an allegorical, historical and aesthetic parade, stretching its bows along the water, to a multi-faceted sound ballet…
  • Saturday 25 September: in the evening, a fireworks-musical show.
  • Sunday 26 September: large parade of boats. Large parade of boats : sailing, regatta finals, parade of flotillas…

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