Centre ancien d'Orléans et ses maisons à pans de bois Centre ancien d'Orléans et ses maisons à pans de bois
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Visit Orleans with a Greeter

Sign up for a stroll around the town with your own personal Greeter !

What’s a Greeter?

Volunteers who are proud to be an ambassador for the place they call home, local residents who have chosen to be a Greeter to share their passion for their city or region, recommendations and other practical or fascinating information with visitors. Neither tourism professionals nor qualified guides, simply people with enough time on their hands to give you the keys to their city or region from a resident’s perspective.

If you are visitor looking for a more personal way to explore the local culture or a traveller seeking an alternative way to find hidden gems around the city, then the Greeter scheme is for you.

There are 13 Greeters around Orleans inviting you to take a one-of-a-kind tour of the city and further afield.

Happy to donate their time and share their enthusiasm for the area as they take you on a friendly and leisurely walk, all free of charge.

Sound good? Well, start planning your visit to Orleans and sign up for a tour with one of our local Greeters!

Visiter Orléans avec un greeter

Themes of our Greeter tours

  • Sporty Orleans: walking, running or cycling, head off to explore the city off the beaten track.
  • The Dunois alleys: get to know these quaint old alleys in the Dunois area which give Orleans’ city centre a rustic feel.
  • Stroll around the streets of Orleans: learn all about the old town, history and heritage facts about the Orleans region, the distinguished buildings…
  • Orleans and the Loire: the royal river, one of the essential landmarks in Orleans.
  • Arts and crafts in Orleans: meet the artists and makers in Orleans who produce unique pieces out of clay, wood, stained-glass, stone and other materials.
  • Photo opps around Orleans: find the most photogenic spots in the city.

More than 100 strolls!

The Orléans Greeters have carried out more than 100 strolls!

Come and discover Orleans in a different way during a walk and discover the Greeters’ passion for their city!

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