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The Château de Beaugency

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The Château de Beaugency is reinventing itself and will reopen its doors on July 13. It has been transformed into a Château-Centre d'Art Numérique with multiple vocations: a tourist destination dedicated to heritage and innovation, a space for artistic residencies, a site for transmission and mediation, and a work base for creative teams.

Superb example of seigneurial lodging, it is successively owned by the lords of Beaugency, the crown of France then the dukes of Orleans in the fourteenth century who will remain owners until the French Revolution. Louis XI, François I or Jeanne d'Arc stayed there. The castle was mainly the home of Jean de Dunois known as the «Bâtard d'Orléans» and companion of Jeanne d'Arc.

The Château de Beaugency
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