Passage de la flamme Olympique à Orléans à l'occasion des Jeux Olympique de Paris 2024 ©Destination Orléans Val de Loire Passage de la flamme Olympique à Orléans à l'occasion des Jeux Olympique de Paris 2024 ©Destination Orléans Val de Loire
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The Olympic Flame comes to Orleans

On the road to Paris 2024! Orleans will have the honour of welcoming the Olympic Flame on its way to the Olympic Games on 10 July.

The Olympic Flame lights up Orleans

A historic passage

On Wednesday 10 July, Orleans will light up! The Olympic Flame, a symbol of peace, hope and brotherhood, will pass through our beautiful city on its way to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Get ready for a historic day, filled with festivities and sport, as we proudly welcome this symbol of Olympism.

Allumage de la Flamme Olympique à Olympie à l'occasion des Jeux Olympique de Paris 2024 ©Paris 2024

The Olympic Flame

A millennial tradition

The history of the Olympic Flame dates back to ancient times, when it was lit in Olympia, Greece, to symbolise the start of the Olympic Games. This tradition was revived at the modern Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928. Since then, the Olympic flame has travelled the world before each edition of the Games, lit in Olympia and carried by relays of runners through the host country.

This year, the flame has decided to make a little stopover here in Orléans! Get ready to welcome this Olympic emblem and celebrate its passage with enthusiasm and pride.

The Olympic Flame route

in Orleans

After crossing the seven main towns in the département, the Olympic Flame will end its journey in Orléans.

The route will start in the Parc Léon-Chenault at 5.39pm and will stretch to the Boulevard Alexandre-Martin, covering 7.6km through the city with the participation of 38 Olympic torchbearers.

The cauldron lighting ceremony will take place at the celebration site on boulevard Alexandre-Martin at around 7.30pm.

Parcours de la Flamme Olympique à Orléans ©Olympics Paris 2024
Torche de la Flamme Olympique et Paralympique 2024 ©Paris 2024


surrounding the Olympic Flame

As part of this exceptional day, the city of Orleans is organising a number of events:

Alexandre Martin car park: Entertainment on the multi-sports hall on the celebration site by the City of Orleans :

  • Breakdance show by the CCNO
  • Teaser show by the Orleans Municipal Band
  • Presence of Orleans’ top athletes

Theatre of Orleans:

  • Orléans Municipal Band: Musical performance on the theme of the Olympic Games at 8.30pm
  • France TV stand: Sports challenge area, photo exhibition, quiz, interview/micro-trottoir

Campo Santo :

  • Armed Forces Ministries: Armed Forces Challenge with the “Champions Course” open to anyone aged between 18 and 26 with no contraindications

Loire :

  • City of Orleans: presence of Orleans Canoe/Kayak clubs

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