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Orleans, a stunning destination

Welcome to Orleans, a stunning destination where nature reveals its most precious treasures, inviting adventurers to immerse themselves in surprising activities just 1 hour from Paris.

Micro-adventures in Orleans

To awaken the explorer in you

Are you looking for adventures that will awaken your explorer’s spirit just 1 hour from Paris? Orleans and the surrounding area are full of opportunities for micro-adventures that will have you vibrating to the rhythm of nature. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a leisurely explorer, here are a few ideas to help you plan your next getaway.

Canoë-bivouac sur la Loire à Bou © Ludovic Letot

Experience a canoe-bivouac on the Loire

Canoeing the Loire in Orléans: nature, culture and adventure!

Looking for an original weekend in the great outdoors with a touch of adventure? Experience a canoe-bivouac with Joris d’Aventure Outdoor in the Loire Valley!

With a passion for canoeing and adventure, he offers supervised outings to discover France’s longest untamed river, the Loire, for two nights or more.

During your getaway, you’ll be able to watch the birds and you might even be lucky enough to spot the beavers!

Who says you have to go far away to be amazed and rejuvenated?

Enjoy brunch on the water aboard the CabochéR

A gourmet getaway on the royal river

What would you say to an escapade combining nature, adventure and gourmet delights on a traditional Loire river boat? Embark on a brunch along the river !

With your partner or your friends, extend the experience by opting for an unusual overnight stay on Europe’s last wild river. Enjoy a unique experience in perfect harmony with nature, 100% unplugged.

Take a break from nature in the Orleans forest

An unusual experience in a green setting

If you love peaceful getaways, there’s nothing like a weekend away for two or the whole family in the tiny houses Parenthèse in the heart of the Orleans forest!

Fall asleep under a starry sky surrounded by nature in these eco-friendly wooden cabins designed by artist-authors, a 50-minute drive from Orleans.

Sail the Loire 

Boat trips around Orleans

Set off on a micro-adventure along the majestic waters of the Loire in and around Orléans, and marvel at the wealth of its wild flora and fauna. Embark on an escapist journey where every moment is a discovery.

It’s an exciting safari-like exploration, where you can meet local inhabitants such as egrets, ducks and beavers. Here, you never know what you’ll run into!

Balade en bateau sur la Loire avec Escapades Ligériennes à Combleux ©Ludovic Letot
Virée en stand-up paddle sur la Loire à Orléans © Ludovic Letot

Take a trip on a stand-up paddle

An experience combining sport, nature and relaxation

There’s nothing like a stand-up paddle trip on the Loire or the Orleans canal to take it easy in the heart of nature.

Take to the water on a stand-up paddle board. A great way to combine relaxation, nature and physical activity!

Get away from it all by bike

Must-see tours in Orleans

Discover Orleans in a different way: by bike! Get away from it all and cycle the essential routes, such as La Loire à Vélo, The Scandibérique and Canal d’Orleans, at your own pace.

Cycle touring is an adventure around every corner, you never know what you’re going to stop at, a moment of contemplation, a rest, an experience.

Whether you’re a keen cyclist or a microadventure enthusiast, our cycling tours will suit all levels and tastes. So get on your bike and set off to discover Orléans and the surrounding area!

Balade en vélo ©Lezbroz
Balade en trottinettes électriques tout-terrain avec Trottxway ©Ludovic Letot

Experience thrills on two wheels

Off-road scooter tours in Orleans

Experience an original and fun adventure on an all-terrain electric scooter and discover the heritage around Orleans. This activity, accessible from the age of 14, takes you on an extraordinary experience, combining thrills and cultural discoveries.

Explore the banks of the Loire, the banks of the Loiret, Ile Charlemagne, Orleans Forest and Clery vineyards on an unforgettable getaway.

Take to the hiking trails

Discovering nature in Orleans

Take to the footpaths and discover the natural treasures of Orleans. Nestling in the heart of unspoilt landscapes, these trails offer you an immersive experience in nature, far from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Stroll along the Promenade des Moulins d’Olivet to discover the picturesque charm of the old mills lining the river. Explore the Pointe de Courpain, offering breathtaking views over the Loire. Or opt for the Loire and Canal trail, a leisurely stroll between the region’s two iconic waterways.

Balade à Combleux ©Ludovic Letot
Accrobranche au Parc de Loire avec Léo Parc Aventure ©Christophe Mouton

Adventure in the trees

Tree climbing course in Orleans

Get ready for a sensational outdoor adventure at Parc de Loire. Leo Parc Aventure offers tree climbing courses for all levels. Climb, jump and defy obstacles in complete safety, while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

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